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29 Apr 2022


5:30 pm

Art Exhibition Opening – “Time Lapsed” by Jennifer Halli

Printmaker and Ceramicist, Jennifer Halli creates framed collagraph monoprints, life-size prints and time-based sculptures. For this exhibition, the sculpture is based on one of the oldest time-keeping instruments, a water clock, or clepsydra.

A belief in materiality is evident in the work. Using paper, ink, clay, sand, ash, sugar, water and wax, Halli’s artwork merges ceramics and printmaking. Shimmering black iron sand of Taranaki is mixed with sticky bone black ink and gritty nikau palm ash – all reminiscent of the mysteries Halli encountered as a child. Hints of blue, striking and subtle, are a nod to Mary, the virgin mother all Catholic girls are encouraged to take on as a role model, or as Halli explains, the role model. Blue is also of the horizon, or of a place you can never go. For Halli, it is about her antipodean life split between the USA and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Jennifer Halli was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, raised in South Carolina and immigrated to New Zealand in 1998. She has studied Ceramics, Printmaking and Metalsmithing and received her M.F.A. from the University of Massachusetts|Dartmouth in 2019 as a Distinguished Art Fellow. She has worked with world-renowned artists from the USA, UK and Australia and exhibited in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Jersey, New Zealand and the USA.

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