Thursdays on The MOST

Thursdays on the Most

Thursdays welcome back weekday shows The Breakfast Show and The Drive Show, followed by a range of specialty shows to get you feeling great about the days ahead.


Breakfast Show

Mon-Fri, 7-10am

Host: Christine Holmes

News, the best of new and most classic tracks, interviews, giveaways and attitude!

7am – Weather by Climate 
7.20am – Community Notice
7:45am – Surf Report
8am – Weather by Climate 
8am – 80’s song
8:15am – Making Tracks Featured Track
9am – Weather by Climate 
9am – 90’s song

8.30am – Di Brien Real Estate News from Harcourts Real Estate
9.10am – Heritage Breeds, Sustainable Farming and how to keep smiling with John Erney from Avonstour Island

8:20am – Chat with our NPDC Councillor’s

8.20am – Wellbeing Wednesday: Every Wednesday, Crez discusses the importance of wellbeing, and on the first Wednesday of every month Crez is joined in the studio with Jenna from the blog ‘The J Word NZ’ to discuss mental health and wellness. Miss an episode? You can find them again over at
8.45am – WITT Works with the crew from WITT 

8.15am – Gig Guide
8:30am – Chat with the Mayor Neil Holdom
8.45am – Find out what’s happening in our business sector with Arun Chaudhari CEO of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce
9:10am – ‘Know Your Rights’ with Auld, Brewer, Mazengarb and McEwen

8:15am – On-air interview with Making Tracks featured artist
8:30am – Chat with our Local New Plymouth MP Glen Bennett
8:45am – Gig Guide
9:10am – Arts Zone with Govett Brewster Art Gallery

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The Drive Show

Mon-Thurs, 4-6pm

Host: Allan Day

An uplifting music mix that crosses genre and eras interspersed with news updates and a daily dose of Van.

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Global Social

Thursdays 6-7pm

Host: Sam Johnson

Most people have a huge capacity for a varied musical diet and are rarely given the respect to ingest a wide range of music by commercial stations. So you might find some dub followed by some folk, afrobeat, whimsical indie, techno – anything that gives Sam the goosebumps – that’s the only barometer! 

The Long Play Show

Thursdays 7-8pm

Hosts: Mark Dickie, Warwick Foy, Charlotte Littlewood, Stacey Hitchcock

A classic album played side to side in the spirit of the long play record. Tune in to hear an album played in full – it could be a classic, something obscure or something brand new. Whatever it is, you’ll hear it in full because the Long Play Show is all about the album.


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Taranaki Sound Hour

Thursdays 8-9pm

Host: Don Fisher

A specialized programme promoting local Taranaki singers and bands from the 60’s through to the latest new releases.

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Audio Waste Disposal

Thursdays 9-11pm

Hosts: Karl Iveson

Music from yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Audio Waste Disposal will try not to play anything twice but the odd favourite does pop up now and then. Out there music that may not be heard unless it’s played on this show.In there, out there, and all around.