Mondays on The MOST

Mondays on the Most

Start your work week with The MOST FM. Mondays welcome back weekday shows The Breakfast Show and The Drive Show, followed by a range of specialty shows to get you feeling great about the days ahead.


Breakfast Show

Mon-Fri, 7-10am

Host: Christine Holmes

News, the best of new and most classic tracks, interviews, giveaways and attitude!

7am – Weather by Climate top of the hour
7:45am – Surf Report
8am – Weather by Climate top of the hour
8am – Famous Birthdays
8am – 80’s song
9am – Weather by Climate top of the hour
9am – 90’s song
9:10am – Arts Diary
9:30am – Today in Music History

7:45am – Weekly Surf Report with Jay Whittaker from Fisher Aluminium
+ Di Brien Real Estate News from Harcourts Real Estate

8:30am – Chat with our NPDC Councillor’s

WITT Works with Joachim

8:10am – Chat with the Mayor Neil Holdom
8:30am – Gardening Livestock with John Erney Avonstour Island
8:45am – Gig Guide
9:10am – ‘Know Your Rights’ with Auld, Brewer, Mazengarb and McEwen
9:45am – Gig Guide

8:15am – On-air interview with Making Tracks featured artist
8:30am – Chat with our Local New Plymouth MP Glen Bennett
8:45am – Gig Guide
9:10am – Arts Zone with Govett Brewster Art Gallery
9.45am – Gig Guide

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The Drive Show

Mon-Thurs, 4-6pm

Host: Allan Day

An uplifting music mix that crosses genre and eras interspersed with news updates and a daily dose of Van.

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Mondays, 6-7pm

Host: Andy Ralphs

Kaleidoscope brings you new music from around the world – singer songwriters, psychedelic, dream pop, alt-country and much more from Agnes Obel to Zero 7.


Waxing Lyrical

Mondays, 7-8pm

Host: Virginia Winder& Alastair Ross

This is a show where the words mean everything. Featuring music that tells stories, expresses rage and declares love. The songs, which span many genres, can be from the past but many are brand new releases that tackle the issues of our world, right now.

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Radio Without Pictures

Mondays, 8-9pm

Host: Alastair Ross

Radio Without Pictures takes its name from the late night music show Radio With Pictures that Alastair used to watch avidly as a teenager. Music has always been a galvanising element in Alastair’s life and he was especially drawn to the unusual mix of bands that would play on the show – plus he had a crush on the presenter Karyn Hay. 

Each week Alastair blends a really eclectic mix of new and vintage alternative music. He keeps us up to date with what’s happening in the music scene, in a broad sense, which is aided by his working at the Vinyl Countdown. He loves the chance to share his investigations with The MOST listeners.

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Empower Hour

Mondays, 9-10pm