Sundays on The MOST

Sundays on the Most

Wrap up your weekend with The MOST FM. Sundays are packed with a range of specialty shows to get you feeling great, groovy, and free.


Jurassic Tracks

Sundays 8am-10am

Host: Paul Bazeley

A wide range of genres from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s 

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Music Without Frontiers

Sundays 10am-1pm

Host: Graham Donlon

A compendium of jazz, blues, World music and other alternative sounds, from the dawn of the recording industry in the 1920’s until tomorrow.

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Bell Street Blues

Sundays 1pm-3pm

Hosts: Gordon Gower, Murray McEwen, Peter Bennett, Nic Boheimer

Blues from around the globe – old and new.

The Voices Show

Sundays 3-4pm

Hosts: Paul Christophers, Ian Bennett, Allan Day

The Voices Show reigns supreme in this weekly showcase of vocalists from bands,  singer/songwriters, crooners, rappers and chanteuse from across the decades and the planet, and in all genres. It’s all about the Voice!


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The Live Gig Hour

Sundays 4-5pm

Hosts: Ross Howarth, Warwick Foy

Anything, everything as long as it’s live! Each week Ross or Warwick will bring you a live performance. It could feature a band, a performer, a concert, genre, era or theme.

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What's It All About, Andy?

Sundays 5-6pm

Host: Andy Bassett

Songs connected by different themes every week. The more obscure the connection, the better, as it’s all about variety.

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Saints & Sinners

Sundays 6-7pm

Host: Peter Batchelor

A mixture of black gospel music and devilish music (the blues, songs about sex, drugs, alcohol etc). I don’t usually play anything by pastie white gospel artists or white Christian acts, as I feel it pales in comparison to African American artists.

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House Of Fish

The Night Café

Sundays 7-8pm

Serving up a diverse range of electronic music. From 3am Berlin dance floors to the chill-out tent, from trance and breakbeat through classic and new electronic pop to ambient tunes and dubtronica you are bound to hear something you love.

If a computer or a synthesiser was involved somewhere in the recording then it will probably make it onto the menu at the Night Cafe. Tune in and chill out.

Host: Andy Evans

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