Tuesdays on The MOST FM

Tuesdays on the Most

Tuesdays welcome back weekday shows The Breakfast Show and The Drive Show, followed by a range of specialty shows to get you feeling great about the days ahead.


The Primo Breakfast Show

Mon-Fri, 7-10am

Host: Christine Holmes

News, the best of new and most classic tracks, interviews, giveaways and attitude!

7am – Weather by Climate 
7.20am – Community Notice
7:45am – Surf Report
8am – Weather by Climate 
8am – 80’s song
8:15am – Making Tracks Featured Track
9am – Weather by Climate 
9am – 90’s song

8.30am – Di Brien Real Estate News from Harcourts Real Estate
9.10am – Heritage Breeds, Sustainable Farming and how to keep smiling with John Erney from Avonstour Island

8:20am – Chat with our NPDC Councillor’s

8.45am – WITT Works with the crew from WITT 

8.15am – Gig Guide
8:30am – Chat with the Mayor Neil Holdom
8.45am – Find out what’s happening in our business sector with Arun Chaudhari CEO of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce
9:10am – ‘Know Your Rights’ with Auld, Brewer, Mazengarb and McEwen

8:15am – On-air interview with Making Tracks featured artist
8:30am – Chat with our Local New Plymouth MP Glen Bennett
8:45am – Gig Guide
9:10am – Arts Zone with Govett Brewster Art Gallery

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The Center City Drive Show

Mon-Thurs, 4-6pm

Host: Allan Day

An uplifting music mix that crosses genre and eras interspersed with news updates and a daily dose of Van.

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The Trip

Tuesdays 6-7pm

Host: Glen McLeod

A 1-hour excursion to wherever the music takes you. It could be a road trip, a mind trip, a trip down memory lane, all over a wide variety of genres while avoiding the mainstream. The Trip is not too demanding a listen, but there is plenty of interesting variety for the listener.

Under The Mic

Tuesdays 7-8pm

Host: Warren Smart

The NZ On Air Under The Mic Show is a chance to interview a Kiwi artist about their musical career and upcoming projects, usually an album or a tour. The show also includes a healthy dose of their music as well.

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Tuesdays 8-10pm

Host: Warren Smart

The NZ On Air Kiwiana Show is two hours of Kiw-only tracks. It crosses genres and eras and includes a good helping of new music in each show.

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