Fridays on The MOST

Fridays on the Most

Fridays welcome back weekday show The Breakfast Show, followed by a range of specialty shows to get you feeling great about the days ahead.


Breakfast Show

Mon-Fri, 7-10am

Host: Dave Haskell

News, the best of new and most classic tracks, interviews, giveaways and attitude!

7am – Weather by Climate top of the hour
7:45am – Surf Report
8am – Weather by Climate top of the hour
8am – Famous Birthdays
8am – 80’s song
9am – Weather by Climate top of the hour
9am – 90’s song
9:10am – Arts Diary
9:30am – Today in Music History

7:45am – Weekly Surf Report with Jay Whittaker from Fisher Aluminium
+ Di Brien Real Estate News from Harcourts Real Estate

8:30am – Chat with our NPDC Councilor’s

WITT Works with Joachim

8:10am – Chat with the Mayor Neil Holdom
8:30am – Gardening Livestock with John Erney Avonstour Island
8:45am – Gig Guide
9:10am – Know your Rights with Auld Brewer Masingarb
9:45am – Gig Guide

8:30am – Chat with our Local MP Jonathan Young Nationals Minister for Arts Culture and Heritage
8:45am – Gig Guide
9:10am – Arts Zone with Govett Brewster Art Gallery
9.45am – Gig Guide

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Kerry Smith - Production/Programming

Fresh Cuts New Music

Fridays 2-3pm

Host: Kerry Smith

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Fridays Free for all

Fridays 3-4pm

Host: Richard Shearer

Interviews with musicians, bands, listeners. We may focus on a particular band, genre or era, or it could be a mix up. Anything goes, and the guests drive the music.

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Perfect Wave Surf Show

Fridays 4-5pm

Hosts: Jarred Hancox, Cory Palmer

Studio Kinda Cloudy

Fridays 5-6pm

Host: Pierre Maalouf

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Anaki Punk Energy Show

Fridays 6-7pm

Host: Nathan Farquhar