Jack Irving

After discussion with the then Station Manager ,Dave Haskell. I began hosting The Weekender show on Friday nights from 7-9pm in 2006. My love and enthusiasm  for all things musical began  before my teens, but really coalesced in my late teens and early twenties. It was then that I began making mixtapes for our regular long distance surf trips. These 60 or 90 minute mixes would  begin with something cruisy,quirky or instrumental and then pick up in pace to become a bit of a party/driving soundtrack from the middle to the end. I still make mix CDs in the same way now.

 In my thirties I opened a popular city bar  and nitespot called Burundi and had great fun presenting live acts and DJs to my patrons.At the start I hired local DJs but soon realised I had a more  accurate take on what my customers wanted to hear.The club ran  for the 90s- It was a 20th Century thing...In the mid 90s I visited  London and caught the tail end of the dance music revolution that started with Rave and now encompasses the likes of Disclosure,Rudimental and our own Lorde.I guess you could call me a funk soul brother,and at the MostFM i have truly found my "happy place" .New music gets me out of bed in the morning and I love spending time with like minded Mosties-Vollies and listeners...

Natalie Bull