Otautahi based company Tusk Puppets are bringing their show The Lost Sock to Taranki!
Adults/Parents/Big Kids, this one’s for you!  A late ’n’ naughty puppet show!
The cast from our visiting children’s show ’The Lost Sock’ will be presenting a special limited edition performance which features adults-only jokes, innuendos and saucy lines destined to make you lose the plot – and maybe your socks?!
Have you ever wondered what happened to your missing sock?
If you were a sock, what would you do if you woke up and your best friend had disappeared?
Join Jo the sock on their quest to find their other half.

Will they have the courage to face dirty undies, broken boots and the ever feared WASHING MACHINE? It’ll all come out in the wash!
Please note this performance is R18 Adults Only – there is a family friendly version of the show running at 4th Wall Theatre during the day time 29th – 30th January
Brought to you by Tusk Puppets and the filthy minds of our creative team

Edwin Beats
Rebekah Head
Martin Quicke
Plus Special Guest—adults-only-edition.html

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