New artists. New shows. Koru on Devon

Opening Night
Featuring artists: George Loizou, Kyriaki Parpa and Alan Hodgson.
BRIGHT DARK | George Loizou
In this body of work it’s evident that I have a love for shapes and colours that emerge out of darkness bringing together different moods and contrasting concepts. Starting with a free-hand drawn base, time is then spent on fine tuning every detail and in some cases painted over a few times. Although dark in appearance the overall feeling I go for is positive.
PAST AND FUTURE | Kyriaki Parpa
Works inspired by deep personal events in my life, these pieces are multi-media on canvas. Expressing feelings towards friends and family is important in everyone’s life; together we stand strong. Even after a loved one has long since passed they can continue to be a positive influence in your life.
This exhibition is from a series of ten works, exploring Federico Garcia Lorca’s dystopian poem, ‘City that does not sleep’, with themes of death, reincarnation, struggle and brutality, but ultimately optimism.
Also catch new works from the Koru collective artists.

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