Art Exhibition Opening – “Recharged” by Elora Forgeson

In the spirit of the upcoming Emergence Awards, and with a penchant for printmaking, MIGHT COULD brings you a solo exhibition by Elora Forgeson of Titahi Bay. Working in linocuts, Elora has created a limited edition series of twelve playful, graphic prints especially for “Recharged”, which opens on May 25th.

The opening will take place from 3-5pm at MIGHT COULD with an opportunity to take home a signed, framed work of Elora’s, or the unique opportunity to print alongside her.

The event is a BYOPYO, or a Bring Your Own Print Your Own event. For $10 per image, you can print your own t-shirt or tote using one of Elora’s linocuts in black ink (bring fine weave pre-washed fabric for best results). The exhibition will run from June 8-30 (Saturday/Sunday 10am-1pm) with more printing opportunities available during this time.

Exhibition opening: 25 May 3-5pm

Exhibition on view: 8-30 June (Saturday/Sunday 10am-1pm)

Elora often returns home from school with entire limbs covered in drawings. The walls of her childhood bedroom were decorated with such drawings; today you will find piles of sketchbooks filled with drawings next to her bed. Elora loves to draw, in fact, she cannot stop drawing. She has been developing her eclectic and imaginative art since she was gifted her first Etch A Sketch as a toddler. Currently a student at Mana College in Porirua, Elora hopes to continue her artistic pursuits after high school by studying art at the tertiary level.

Elora has been developing her signature-style TV Heads for several years, originally inspired by pop culture and cosplay. Elora plays with contrasting human forms and vintage technology, which she find more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than modern-day devices. She likes the sense of unease that her drawings evoke, questioning where the human ends and the Other begins. Her work invites people to consider their relationship to technology and the manufactured world.


25 May 2024


Opening: 25 May, 3-5pm; Exhibition on view, 8-30 June 10am-1pm
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


36 Currie Street, New Plymouth
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