With Special Guest Cousin Alice

The Alpaca Social Club plays fresh sounds from exotic lands.

The music has a flavour of Arabic, Celtic, funk, soul and gypsy jazz cultures.

The two musicians at its core are pianist and accordionist Craig Denham and bassouki player and guitarist Jon Sanders. Fans describe their live show as “a pyrotechnic display of dazzling virtuosity” and “a quantum leaping musical curiosity”.

Cousin Alice: Raised in New Zealand, of Barbadian/Welsh/English parentage, Alice has been based in London for the last 16 years.

“Cousin Alice is unique. At a time when the jazz scene is awash with girl singers singing lovelorn lyrics at funereal tempos and living their Billie Holiday-esque fantasies along comes Alice with her banjolele and suddenly the clouds part, the sun shines and everything is just dandy.” Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band Leader

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