Peter Bennett

Hello, I am Peter Bennett, born at home – 210 Brook Street, Nelson. This all took place in May 1961. I am from a family of 9 children. I am of Ngati Kuia / Ngai Tahu descent.
Left school at 14 after completing 1 year at college then straight down to Sealord Products and became a marine surgeon or fish filleter as it is more commonly known. I was in the seafood industry for over 30 years, before taking up espionage. I have a caring & understanding wife Karen, daughter Stacey, 2 grand children Deacon & Kobe and stepdaughter Maia.
My hobbies today are music (several genres), hi-end audio, cycling, drinking wine, socializing, buying retro things on Trade me and work. Of course the work one is there to make sure all the other hobbies exist. I suppose I should also chuck in anything that goes fast and runs on petrol, yep that too.
The Most FM radio station and the Bell Street Blues Show entered my life about the same time as grey hair did so quite fitting I reckon – sitting in a rocking chair feet up listening to blues music on the radio with a wine in hand watching the grandkids running around waiting for me to fall asleep so they can touch all the knobs on the stereo……………outside and play he yells.
You have just read my short bio – all the bits in between have been filed (or flushed) as necessary, joining the bio-degradable waste cycle.
Cheers, Cat-Fish Pete
Peter Bennett