Hilary Bennett

Hilary Bennett

What show are you involved with? The Business Hour Wednesday 10-11am

When did you join The Most? 1997

What is your favorite aspect of being involved? I love being involved with The Most FM because of the history and background of the station and the contribution of all the volunteers to the rise in reputation and popularity through their incredible skills, dedication and passion in keeping local, alternative and non-commercial radio a real thing in our community and beyond.

List your 3 favourite bands/artists

It's impossible for me to list three fave bands/artists, just as it is to list three fave genres of music, or three fave decades of music styles. Let's just say I love practically all music and will give most a good listening before judging. I love both old and new music and will always give something a try once. I'm a huge fan of New Zealand music - unique in the world - and am very proud of how at the Most FM we celebrate NZ Music Month every May, and now Maori Music Month every August. Tu meke!