The Exponents With Special Guests Dance Exponents

To celebrate 40 years of the classic album Prayers Be Answered, Dance Exponents are reforming for their first shows in 36 years, playing all their hits from all three albums including ‘Victoria’, ‘I’ll Say Goodbye’ ‘All I Can Do’ and more.

Better yet, they’ll be joined at all four shows throughout Aotearoa by The Exponents, picking up where the Dance Exponents left off, belting out all their hits from Something Beginning With C and beyond.

There will be some special moments between the two bands, paying tribute to their fallen guitar comrades, Steve, Chris and Dave “Duck” Barraclough and some fierce competition to see who can get the biggest reaction from you, the audience.

This, you cannot miss – two of New Zealand’s greatest bands playing New Zealand’s greatest songs in an electric live show where you can be sure the audience will be singing along with every word.

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