Taranaki Singer Songwriters Sound Bite Sessions

Enjoy tasty tunes and great sounds on the first Friday of every month with your lunch at Centre City.
Sound Bite Sessions is a new live music partnership between Centre City and Taranaki Singer-Songwriters.
Each 60-minute performance will celebrate shared stories and the unique essence that pulses through Taranaki from the voices and words of local singer-songwriters.
Grab a bite and head to the Entertainment Space, Level 2, above the Food court, Centre City.
Friday 3 May
Crystal Starr
Introducing Miss Crystal Starr, the enchanting embodiment of indie rock, easy listening, country-folk, and diva styles. Crystal Starr’s voice, a treasure refined through years of busking and vocal training, paints her original songs with a deep, smokey richness. She effortlessly traverses from intimate folk ballads to powerful diva-like anthems.
With a guitar in hand and lyrics in her heart, she weaves a musical tapestry that resonates with the essence of her upbringing and the eclectic inspirations she’s encountered.
Welcome to the world of Rory’s musical, magical mind. Laid-back and heart-felt vocal melodies over spacious guitar, Rory sings about his life experiences through his original songs. A master of his instrument, Rory’s guitar work is undeniably impressive.
With each psychedelic-influenced composition ranging in tempo and feel from poetic and heart-tugging earworms to upbeat and funky numbers, Rory puts his entire soul into his playing and captures hearts wherever he travels.

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