Evan Rhys and The Stereo + Twin Tiger

Evan Rhys, along with full band, Stereo Streets are a must watch live act.
The band will play a range of songs that span an array of genres at times, brooding soul, at other moments, anthemic rock – the heart beneath the rib cage is always exposed.
Featuring session bass and drum favourites Hamish Cameron and Tobias Wright
holding down the rhythm section – the platform is set for solid grooves through all genres.
Local Taranaki keyboard mainstay, Codes Hoskin adds his own funk infused colours to the tunes, as does local singer/songwriter and accomplished guitarist/vocalist, Craig Jones. Hemi Coates rounds out the band with his tasty acoustic playing and warm background vocals.
These are songs that push beyond the walls of a venue and are at once nostalgic and fresh.

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