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16 Jun 2023


Opening: 16 June, 6.00pm; Exhibition, through 30 July
6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Art Exhibition Opening – “LIGHT LOUD” by Ché Rogers

16th June – 30th July 2023

LIGHT LOUD by Ché Rogers, created as a sensory experience, features: painting, light sculpture, sound, and video, inviting the audience to enjoy the interplay that exists between contrasting states: 

light and dark
loud and quiet
little and large
man and machine.

The theme of Man vs Machine has been a constant in Rogers’ work, evident in his playful relationship with technology. LIGHT LOUD offers a series of light-reflecting black and white circular paintings made by scratching a canvas rotating at high speeds to reveal shiny metallic beams, domestic/industrial light sculptures that play with proportion by balancing glass spheres, and his most recent project, “Auto Sphere”, a video work that dabbles with artificial intelligence, viewed on a screen incorporated into a monolith of speakers which emit the soundtrack produced by Rogers.

The exhibition will include late-night viewings as well as sessions with Rogers mixing live to create bass driven house originals with synths and drum machines.

MIGHT COULD is open Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm and by appointment. For updates and events, follow on Instagram: @might.could.


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