“Its been a minute since NZ’s 37th favourite folk singer showed up in one of his most favourite homes away from homes, new songs, new stories, a new record, old clothes, old ways, old hopes, new feelings, old dog, older truck, old guitar, new cables, and a new nomination as NZ Folk Artist of the Year in the Aotearoa Music Awards whatever it looks like a McGrath show sure always goes guts first straight for the heart muscle by way of the joy muscle.

Adam McGrath is a folk singer and yarn spinner stationed wherever he can get a key!

Described by RNZ as a “National Treasure” and the Herald as “NZ’s toughest minded songwriter”, Adam is more widely known as lead singer and songwriter with one of NZ’s most loved roots/country bands The Eastern.


11 May 2024


7:30 pm - 7:30 pm


4th Wall Theatre
11 Baring Terrace, Strandon, New Plymouth 4312
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