Warwick Foy AKA Foy Boy (as was his father and grandfather before him)
Co-hosts Sunday LIVE and The Long Player Show.
His personal statement follows:
My interests are The Cars, Miles Davis, test cricket, cooking curries, travelling and home brewing.  I also love Manic Street Preachers, Brit pop, The Beatles and a thousand other bands.  I have listened to The Most from the early daze and often wonder why it took me so long to get involved!  I love live music, but the Long Play Show is my passion, a whole album played uninterrupted as intended!   
My previous fetish for stuffing as many turnips as possible into my underpants has been displaced, I have now moved on to collecting and mounting butterflies (ooh, er! ED).  Frottage is a word close to my heart...as is beer.  Beer, beer, beer!