Richard Shearer, also known as Richie or Rich, is the chairman of the Taranaki FM Trust, operator of the Most FM.  Richie says he's always been a keen music lover, and is grateful he was given ears that appreciate music and a mind that loves the beats of all types of music. He has listened to the Most since it began operating in 1995 out of Taranaki Polytechnic.  When the Most went off air in 2008, he along with others decided having an independent station in Taranaki was something too good to lose, and was worth fighting for. 

Forming the Taranaki FM Trust began a process to get the Most back on air, in a sustainable manner and with some security over its future.  The Most is now sounding better than ever, and has over 40 volunteer presenters creating a huge range of special interest music shows. It is a Taranaki icon and asset.

Richie is also presenter of the Most FM Business Hour, a show that interviews the business minds of Taranaki, and also hosts his "Friday Free For All" show where he features an artist or genre and plays a selection of new and classic tracks from almost any genre.

You can contact Richie at