Graham Donlon - Music without Frontiers host, every Sunday 10am-1pm 

Some highlights of Graham's bio follow...born in a chapeau in the South of France in 1905...came to Godzone at the tender age of eighteen... a big step for a young, naive lad, especially with the language difficulties, bizarre customs and lack of double-decker buses...fanatically monitored the progress of hit singles up and down the UK charts...then proceeded into his first 'real' collecting fetish...namely to obtain every Motown and Stax soul single ever released in Britain...this caused such great trauma that he then worked through psychedelia, folk-rock, jazz-rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, soft rock, etc. before finally discovering jazz, blues and world music...states his life has gone to hell ever since...has worked (among other things) as a journalist, factory hand, guillotine operator (industrial sadly!), as a clerk in the Engish civil service, in clubs and bars as a barman, bouncer and DJ, as a postie and managed music retail outlets before finally winding up in the health sector because nobody else would have him...has hosted Music Without Frontiers for sixteen years and has received very few complaints (and the ones that did 'moan' disappeared under bizarre circumstances)...hobbies are music, walking, cycling, reading and tormenting listeners of The Most (and all fans of NZ music)...also likes astral travel, sticking pins in dolls, snorkelling in the bath, avoiding people and strangling household pets.  Everything he has told you is a lie (this is called a paradox)...states his ambition is to be a man one day…if he lives long enough!

His motto is, "Every day above ground is a good one!"