6.30am-10am - The Ozone Bean Store Breakfast w/Jack. News, the best of new and Most classic tracks, interviews, giveaways and attitude!  07:40 - Jonathan Young MP for New Plymouth on whats happenin' in Parliament!  08:00 Snow and surf report  08:20 - Sportsfreak On Sport - Yes, its a sports show! With Graeme Beasley!  08:40 Artizone, with Meredith & Kelly, a round up of everything that's happening at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery 
2-3pm - The WITT Fresh Cuts Show w/Mike, Rowan or Guest Du Jour.  New Music every week, from across the globe
3-4pm - The Mike's Brewery Friday 3-4 All w/Richie & guests, usually with a feature artist, warming up for the weekend, and cooling down for the surf show. 
4-5pm - The Perfect Wave Surf Show w/ J-Rod, J.M., Daniel & assorted toerags. Discussion and news on surfing, our own world famous radio surf show with the amazing + dynamic crew. 
5-6pm - The Studio Kinda Cloudy Reggae Show w/Pierre (AKA Ahab The Arab)
6-7pm - The Latino Show w/Rodrigo and Laura.  Hola/welcome to Taranaki's own Latin music show.