'The Deacon' aka Peter Batchelor

"Repent Ye Funky Heathens, The Deacon's In The Studio"

Saints & Sinners is a mixture of classic gospel and the devil's music, a concept for the battle between Adam & Eve, good & evil and heaven and hell. It's the only place one can get some sort of redemption outside the church on a Sunday night.

My roots come from the rhythm & blues and classic soul music, which eventually lead him back to the source, Ah! "The golden age of gospel."  Most of the great soul cats and kittens came out of singing in the black american churches. In recent years I have been venturing even further back to the real source, Africa “ the mother of the blues”.

When I'm not contemplating the misery of work (which is the curse of a drinkin'/listenin'/fun lovin' man) and chasing music, my other true love in life (apart from Nola of course), is crowk. I have been fortunate enough to have played at the highest level, repesenting New Zealand on six occasions at various world championships, twice in both England & New Zealand and once each in South Africa & Egypt.

As you can see Pete only has one leg, so he needs a croquet mallet to walk!