Based in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand, Balistix AKA Matt Hardy caught the drum & bass bug a little later than most, being introduced to drum & bass in early 2001 whilst living in Wellington .


After 4 years in Wellywood he moved back to his home town of New Plymouth to spread the music he loves to all that do & don't know. Shortly after returning to New Plymouth, Balistics started doing "The Drum & Bass Arcade" on The Most 100.4FM / 88.3FM, streaming from every Saturday night 8-10pm NZST.


The Drum & Bass Arcade continues to receive a huge amount of support from Taranaki locals & people abroad alike. With the additional support of local New Plymouth DJ Tane Manu and intermittent visitor Victim, The Drum & Bass Arcade will continue to grace the Taranaki airwaves with quality drum & bass for many many years to come...


Balistix is fond of eating goldfish.


And drinking pure turnip juice...


And reciting 'The Rhyme Of The Ancient Marriner' backwards